Yellow & Black Get Back Whip For Motorcycles

  • Yellow & Black Get Back Whip For Motorcycles
  • Genuine, hand-braided leather around nylon core
  • 36" length
  • Clasp diameter 1/2" x 3/4"
  • Solid, stainless steel heavy duty quick-release panic buckle
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Traditionally worn by outlaw bikers on either the brake or clutch lever to display their allegience to their clubs and, if neccessary, quickly released and used as a whip to urge someone to "get back". Today they make a fantastic way to attract the attention of other drivers as they wave in the breeze and add to your individual style. Dream Apparel's come with 3' of genuine, hand-braided leather around a nylon core fastened to a solid, stainless steel quick release and make a fun way to decorate your bike.
Product Weight 0.45 LB