Black & Brown Get Back Whip For Motorcycles

  • Black & Brown Get Back Whip For Motorcycles
  • Genuine, hand-braided leather around nylon core
  • 36" length
  • Clasp diameter 1/2" x 3/4"
  • Solid, stainless steel heavy duty quick-release panic buckle
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Historically, the get back whip was worn by 1% bikers in their club's colors and, if neccessary, could be quickly released from either brake or clutch lever to be used like a whip causing the individual on the recieving end to "get back". Today the laws may have changed but they still make a great way to catch the eye of other drivers and customize your ride. Our get back whips are 3' of authentic, hand-braided leather secured to a rugged stainless steel quick release that make this classic style accessory a great addition to your gear.
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